What to do when 60% of students’ Dream Careers don’t match their Ideal Careers?

The most important of decision of life is choosing a right path.  So for choosing a right career person should point out the interest.  Because interest is something which has  key role in success of life.  To convert dream career into ideal career it needs lot of effort and practices.  A proper guidance can also help to choose a right career. There is no restriction on dreaming big but if you dream big then give your best to compete and complete it.

Everyone wants to be successful in life but maximum of students fails.  So here are some key points which you should keep in mind for achieving something big in life.

Why generally people fail to do so?

People are not aware of the opportunities available they do not make efforts to achieve the height.  Some people fix their goal, but they fail to make enough effort required for that. After failures people change their path which is the biggest mistake. We should not change path and follow only one chain till the success get ready.

How to convert dream career into Ideal Career?

So basic fundamental to achieve the goal is effort and practices. People generally go with others and don’t consider their interest that leads to failure.  First step is to analyze the interest and then start working on it. People make one more mistake that they do not focus on particular thing and try to walk through every path.  So goal must be unique and efforts must be unlimited.  Another point is to make things connected. It means plan all the outcomes and results which will occur in future.  People generally complete one phase and then become blank what to do next.   So just set the flow consecutively that what to do after this. These factors will definitely help you to rectify your dream career into ideal career.

Proper Guidance is important-

A guide is one who shows you the path to destination.  Due to lack of a responsible guide people generally fails to achieve destination. People start to apply things in real life without any advice of professional which is an important reason behind failure of many students.

Lack of Confidence-

Students generally loose the confidence when someone point out mistakes or error and they leave to make efforts. Confidence helps to continue the flow and motivates you that you are very near to destination.  Sometimes people try to tease students which leads to drop in confidence.  We should not believe in those types of people and should continue all the possible practices from our side. Believe in yourself and just go with the flow and do your best.

Choosing so many paths-

Just try to focus on one field and give your best to become master in that stream.  Students get disturbed due to paying attention to so many things at the same time and forgets about the main task which must be completed to become successful in life. There are lot of examples around which have targeted the particular stream and achieved that very patiently.

Patience matters-

Students sometimes make huge mistakes by not keeping patience.  If anyone wants to achieve success then there will be lot of difficulties in path.  So at their bad times students give up and stop making efforts for goal which is worst thing and leads to failure.  If you are giving so much time to particular thing then definitely outcome will be in favor of you. Don’t fear from obstacles and cross one by one and finally hit the target.



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