Top 5 remote learning tools

As we all know the current situation of pandemic COVID-19 outbreak, governments are taking serious preventative measures. Like many other countries, we are going through a lockdown. Social distancing measures may continue for a long time. In this situation as schools, colleges are closed students are advised to lean towards remote learning. As it can be difficult to get accustomed to a distance learning method straight from the physical classroom environment, we have listed the top 5 remote learning tools that will make it easier.

  1. ZOOM

Many institutions are leaning towards this tool. This is a web-based video conferencing tool. Zoom allows students to meet online with a desktop or simply by a mobile app. Zoom is a wireless screen sharing platform with high-quality video and audio. One can record a long session and share it with all the members and access at the same time. Up to 100 members can be connected in a single session.

This is a very easy to use tool. You can just go to their website and log in or download their program and install on your computer or you can download their app to install it on your smartphone. That’s all you’ll need to join a video meeting.

Why you should use ZOOM?

  • Keeping track of everyone in a meeting is easy.
  • Zoom has a hand-raising function that is very useful in discussions.
  • With automatic adjustment and no buffering, zoom provides a very good quality video calling facility.
  • You can also perform audio calling and record it for future review.
  • Quality does not decrease for conference calls.
  • Members can share the same screen so it becomes easy to discuss on a topic or work on group projects.
  • Scheduling an event and inviting guests is very easy.
  1. Cisco WebEx

This is also a screen sharing video conferencing tool. Cisco WebEx is pretty much similar to Zoom. However, you don’t necessarily have to download any app to join a video call. Participates can simply join a video chat on their website.

Pros of Cisco WebEx :

  • Like Zoom, Cisco WebEx also lets you experience high quality video conference chat.
  • Screen sharing facility is present here as well.
  • Cisco WebEx provides lots of storage to preserve your long class sessions.
  • There’s a self-mute option that helps you focus on important topics.
  • For a large group, this is a better option.
  • The free plan for Zoom, there’s a 40-minute limitation for sessions. Unlike that, WebEx has no limit.
  1. Google Meet

Google meet is an upgraded version of Google Hangout. This is another high-quality conference video tool that can be useful for remote learning. With screen sharing feature, quality audio visual experience Google Meet is very easy to use. For each session, most active participants are visible and less active participants are included in further lists. Each session has a simple unique URL that makes it easy to find for future reviews. Google meet gives you a dial in access to every video session with an allocated random US code and pin. It also provides access to a vivid detail of the presentation that you can use to make your discussion efficient.

  1. Google Sites

Google sites is a website building tool but it is very easy to understand that it’s very common for students to get hang of it very quickly. Students can have their own site here and upload their homework or project works which makes it so easy for students and teachers to keep track of the progress. It can store uploaded works throughout the year and come in handy while revising the whole syllabus. Google Sites has full compatibility of google sheets, docs, pdfs, graphs that it becomes a very efficient record of all kinds of work done by students. By sharing your specified URL, you can share your work with others and vice versa.

  1. Kahoot

This is a fun remote learning tool. One can conduct quizzes on Kahoot and every student can solve the quiz at their own time. For a large group of people, as everyone doesn’t follow the same routine, time adjustment is tricky and we all like to have our own time to study and give our tests. On Kahoot it’s not necessary to be online at the same time. Also keeping record of scores of Kahoot quizzes is very simple and helps you analyze where you are.



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