Trending technology of 2020 to consider When Making Career Choice

12th Passout: Trending technology of 2020 to consider when making career Choice

Trending Technology for career option

Let’s start by putting up a few questions:

Q1. Are a Class 12th pass out, looking for a career option after 12th?

Q2. Are you confused about which Engineering stream to choose for high paying Jobs?

Q3. Are you an undergraduate student who is unable to decide what other technology to prepare for a better job opportunity?

If you are a 12th pass out, looking for a career option after 12th, this blog is for you. If you are in an undergraduate program and want to update yourself with the emerging technologies, you are in the right place.

Technology is evolving at a faster pace. Technology has not just made us smarter but also made our lives simpler. Ask you, parents, if they ever thought in the 80’s that they may have mobile devices that they can use to make a video call overseas, a device that will keep them updated with news, that will give the live status of traffic. That’s how technology has evolved. 

The rate at which the technology is evolved is so high that by the time prediction of that technology rolls out, the new technology would take its place. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case with Technology-based career. Technolgy based career do evolve. A smart techie identifies it and prepares itself to be qualified for the types of jobs this technology requires.

In 2020, to be successful you need birds-eye to find out which technology will be in demand after 5 years and what skills and interest will be required to achieve that.

Before moving further into digging about the technology trends of 2020, let’s talk about how technology has impacted our life.

It’s morning at 6: 00 am. Sam wakes up 20 min early to his AI wifi enable Smart Alarm clock. The wifi detects there is traffic on his way to office hence the alarm rings 20 mins early. When he leaves office his smartwatch calculates the number of steps he needs to walk today to meet the target goal. 

When he returned home in the evening, he asks Alexa to switch on the Lights and ask Smart TV to launch his favorite web series. At night, after checking his fitness level on the app, Sam analyzes the Toothbrush app to find out the areas of teeth that are not cleaned properly and ask Apple Siri to book an appointment with the dentist.

Saw something different? Your regular day to day life is soon going to be like Sam where you will be using trending technology apps daily. With so many apps around, there will be a plethora of job requirements for the tech-savvy.

Sooner you realize and start preparing better it will be for the future.

Top 8 Trending Technology for a High Salary Job in 2020

1) Artificial Intelligence

AI is already in the market and AI has a long way to go. In layman terms, Artificial Intelligence is a technology that makes a machine intelligent enough to make analytical decisions.  

Imagine a day, Sam wakes up to AI Smartwatcg at 6:00 am, 20 min before his scheduled time. His smart watch which works with AI has detected a traffic jam on his route to his office, hence took a decision for Sam and wakes him up 20 min early.  

In the above example, Sam’s AI Smartwatch detected the traffic and made the decision to wake Sam 20 mins early is one example of how intelligently machine makes the decision based on the facts and data. 

Various other sectors like entertainment, agriculture, health sector, finance are now moving towards Artificial Intelligence.

It is estimated that in another 10 years, most of the sectors will start using Artificial Intelligence. There will be a plethora of career opportunities in Machine learning and  It will be one of the highest salaries Paying Jobs in India.

Skills Required to get a Job in Artificial Intelligence

AI is a challenging Job. Designing a machine that can give a competition to the human brain is definitely not easy to replicate If you are interested in AI, understand the technical and analytical requirement to excel in this technology.

Should love science esp Physics and  have Strong Mathematical Knowledge esp Statistics, 

Probability, Predictions, Calculus, Algebra, and algorithm

You need to be a critical thinker.

You need to be a curious person who is never satisfied with one solution but one who tries to find a different better solution for the same problem. 

The above is the basic requirement. The other requirements are that you need to be well-versed with Unix Tools and should have expertise in a programming language.

 If you do not have the technical knowledge but possess the above skills then there is nothing to worry about.

How to make Career in Artificial Intelligence?

 If you are a 12 Passout in the science stream,  looking for career options after 12th, there are various colleges that are providing B-Tech in Artificial Intelligence.You can check Top colleges for B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence 

Career Growth in Artificial Intelligence

Companies like Flipkart and Google are offering a starting package of Rs 10-15 Lakhs per annum. A professional having an experience of 5 years can expect a salary package up to Rs 50 Lakhs. It will be one of the highest paying jobs in India.

2) Machine Learning

Ever wondered how Facebook or google ads display ads or display news feed based on your last search. That’s Machine Learning. 

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. Using Machine language, computers are programmed to lean from the patterns and insight of data. 

Machine Learning is rapidly being used by different industries and sectors. The researchers are using machine learning to solve business problems with the support of AI and Deep Learning. The sectors like preventive healthcare, finance, entertainment are rapidly moving towards Machine learning.

Skills you need for high-paying Machine Learning Career

Machine learning is a sub-part of Artificial Intelligence hence skills are similar to AI. 

  • Should be good in Probability. Probability helps in predicting the future sequence. Machine language is all about that.
  • Should be well-versed with Data Modeling and statistics
  • Well-versed with programming skills, programming fundamentals, and Algorithms.

How  to make Career in Machine Learning

If you are a 12th pass out in PCM, then there are many colleges that are provided B.Tech in computer science specialized in Machine Learning. 

There are postgraduate MTech in Machine Learning offered by Various colleges and universities. 

Career Growth in Machine learning

Indeed had launched a report- The best Jobs in the US. It stated that there is 344% growth in machine learning Engineer jobs with an average salary base of US 146,085. It is one of the highly promising jobs.

As per the glassdoor, the average salary of machine learning is around Rs 11 Lakh.

There will be a huge demand for skilled professionals. Linkedin has ranked Machine Learning jobs as top emerging jobs.

3) Robotic Process Automation RPA

As the name suggests, RPA is a specialized computer program that lets you create software robots to automate any business process.

It allows the software robots to complete the tedious tasks, letting the employees to work on revenue-generating work.

Scope of Robotic Process Automation in India

The question arises, Is RPA good career? 

In the coming future, everything will be automated. The jobs like data entry and data rekeying can be easily automated with RPA.  Hence the industry would replace such manual human jobs with RPA. Will it create a deficit in the demand for jobs? Definitely not. 

There will be some loss of jobs but RPA will create more jobs than it will take away. Hence RPA has a bright future.

How to make a career in Robotic Process Automatic after 12th

There are various colleges and universities that provides B.Tech in Robotic Process Automation. If you are a  12th pass out, looking out for career options in engineering, B.Tech in Robotic Process Automation can be considered. RPA can be the best career after 12th.

Career Growth in Robotic Process Automation after 12th

An RPA Developer salary in India is around Rs 10 Lakh for a fresher . A senior professional with an experience of 3 to  years could earn up to Rs 20 Lakhs. Average salary in US ranges from $128,000 to $170,000

4) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Trending Technology for career option

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have a tremendous potential that is being used in training, education, entertainment, and medical.

How to make a career in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

There is a various university that is providing B.Tech in Computer Science specialized in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. If you are interested in pursuing BTech then you can consider  B.Tech in Computer Science specialized in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality major.

Career Growth in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The domain is fairly new technology but gaining its pace. The salary depends upon what field his applications are used. If the application is for gaming then the salary offered is 70-80k USD and for the medical domain around 100k.

5) Internet of Things (IoT)  

IoT is taking the internet beyond the computer or phone to the environment and other systems. From your smartphone to your wristband, even basic things like toothbrushes are now being used with the internet. Have you ever wondered why?

Let us understand what IoT is and how it impacts us.

We live in a technological era where a small device on our hand could give us any kind of information. It is all possible because of the internet. 

Imagine a device that could keep you updated with your baby’s position, his temperature, his activities, health on your smartphone.  Not only that, based on your baby’s temperature, but a device would also automatically adjust the nursery temperature.  The device is called Mimo Monitors is a perfect example of IoT.

Scope of IoT In India

IoT is not being used in every sector of the industry from the health sector to agriculture. IoT could help farmers by checking the soil condition and deciding how much water is needed.

Hence there is a tremendous opportunity in IoT. As per the Deloitte report, IoT units in India are expected to see  32 times the current demand.

Career Growth in the Internet of things

Researchers claim that in another two years, around 20.4 billion devices will be connected to IoT. With so much in demand, the package of IoT professionals will be higher.

The IoT India Salary Study says that the salary of IoT professionals is higher than any IT professional. The average salary of an IT professional is around Rs 8 lakhs whereas the average salary of IOT professional is around Rs 15 lakh. It will be one of the high paying jobs in India.

Lost in the sea of Advises! It happens with many, you are not alone. Making the right career choice after 12th is important. Should you need career guidance after 12th, Contact us for Career Counseling. We provide Direct Admission to Top B.Tech colleges.


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