How to Revise JEE Main 2019 Syllabus in 30 Days

JEE Main 2019 exam is just a month away. At this point of time, several questions must be arising in your mind. One of the main question of the students must be how to revise the complete JEE Main syllabus in just 30 days. Covering the entire syllabus in just 30 days is a difficult task but can be done with the help of a smart strategy.

The preparation strategy varies from student to student. Some of the students may be in class 12 or some may have cracked the 12 board exam. Students who have cracked the 12th exam may have more time as compared to the students appearing for the board exams. Coming to a conclusion we can see that the revision model for both the students is constant.

Moving on to the preparation tips on how to revise for JEE Main syllabus in last 1 month. But before that let’s have a look at the major changes introduced this year. These changes are as follows:

  1. Earlier the exam used to be conducted in an offline mode, but from 2019 on wards JEE Main exam will be conducted in an online mode.
  2. The JEE Main exam will be conducted on 4 different days, which means that there will be total 8 sessions i.e. 8 different papers for different types of students opting for a different branch.

Moreover, the JEE Main exam has now turned online, so we need to adopt a new strategy in order to crack the exam. To crack the exam & get a good rank, it is important to utilize these 30 days fruitfully. Below we have shared 3 important steps which can get you sure shot success, if followed with complete dedication.

Step 1: Prepare a mind map of each chapter- These mind maps should be clear, understandable and covering every detail of the chapter.

Step 2: Make short notes of that entire chapter.

Step 3: Solve objective questions at least 10-12 every day. (These questions can be classified further as 6-7 last year/class 11th and rest from your module and books).

However, you can further classify these mind maps to ease your preparations as given below:

Page 1: Containing all the equations of a chapter.

Page 2: Short notes on the same chapter. Important Points to be Ponder

  1. How to revise: To revise the syllabus in detail make sure you have classified all the details of that chapter by preparing mind maps. Cover at least 5-7 chapters mind maps & short notes in a day. This will enable you to complete the whole syllabus in just 10 days.
  2. How to do Effective Planning: The remaining 20 days can be utilized to solve mock tests and previous year questions papers. Solve minimum 15-20 full-length mock test in these days to get a hold on your speed & accuracy.
  3. How to pick questions: Pick up your module and pick any of the chapters from the module. Read the mind maps & short notes of that chapter, open the exercise randomly and do solve 5 questions.
  4. Things to avoid: Do not try to learn new things/topic at this point of times as it may puzzle your mind. Focus only on the topics you are clear with.
  5. Focus on solving the problems on your own, rather than looking for the solutions without attempting a question.

Give your best so that in future you won’t have to turn back and say “I didn’t try”.

All the Best!

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