Career In Interior Design Course After B.Tech

Have you completed graduation? You have an interest in the field of interior designing? If yes, then this article will be able to help you. In this article, I will discuss about the engineering students, who want to take up interior designing seriously and make it as their profession. Also, I will provide the details about interior designing programs, which student can pursue after completing engineering. The all possibilities and opportunities are also available for engineering graduates. Before giving an introduction about interior designing, please ask below question from yourself.

Why Choose Interior Design?

After completing engineering, why do you want to take interior designing seriously? I know, the answer could be many. But truth is that many of out there took engineering coming under pressure like peer and parent’s pressure. In that case, your interest or passion could be something else. If it is interior designing, So, you come at right place. Here I will explain you how it is good for you?.

Here we are talking about some graduates, who are creative and have an inclination towards interior design. Let me clear you, interior design is such field where one may get really creative, where he/she have to express their creativity through interior design work.

After completing graduation, an engineering student has an ample amount of time in their hands. Apart from the creativity, there is immense scope involved in interior design which make lures many engineering graduates towards this field.

Whatever the reason, the main thing is that to pursue the thing that you are really passionate about. Before switching engineering to interior design, please consider yourself twice. Check yourself by taking some aptitude tests and self assessment sessions. This assessment will help you to find answers that you should do this or not.

This test session helps you to know whether you ‘got what it takes’ to succeed in this field, before taking the plunge. After getting a good result of self assessment test, you may pursue any of the below mentioned interior design courses. If you are very curious to pursue some serious design skills, consider pursuing the relevant Degree course.

So, let me list down a good and valuable course for engineering graduates.

Course Detail:-

Whichever engineering branch you have in graduation, you are eligible to pursue Degree, Diploma or Certificate level interior design courses.

Some basic courses are here–

  • B.Des. (Bachelor of Design) Interior Design (4 years long course)

  • BA Interior Design (3 years long course)

  • B.Sc. Interior Design (3 years long course)

  • Bachelor of Architecture and Interior Design (5 years long course and this course is offered by CEPT University)

  • Diploma in Interior Design (1-3 years long course)

  • Diploma in Architecture and Interior Design (1-3 years long course)

  • Certificate in Interior Design (6-12 months course)

  • Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration (6-12 months course)

Note: I didn’t mention all professional interior design programs in the above list. If you want an exhaustive list, check this at Here you will find the all college list and the course details.

After completing graduation in Interior Design, you may even pursue advanced programs such as Master Degree courses, PG Diploma courses and PG Certificate course related to the field of Interior Design. The plus point of pursuing such professional programs is that it helps one acquire advanced knowledge and skills related to this field.

It is very helpful article for engineering graduates. This program has a good career prospects at present time. Share your views and opinions regarding this article in the below section.

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