7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Grades In College

Improving your grades in college without losing your mind and spending all of your time studying seems difficult, but it’s not impossible. All it takes is a little bit of more effort and some good habits. While studying is important there are so many other factors should be acknowledged to improve your grades.

These are some habits which will definitely help you to earn some extra points with your professors and will also help you to become a better student, which in turn should help improve your grades. And a lot of these habits aren’t very difficult at all.

  1. Participating In Each Class

In classes that aren’t necessary for heavy-participation, but at least try to make your presence known. This might be possible by asking your professor to elaborate on something or even just sitting towards the front and making occasional, but often sometimes small, eye contact. Don’t put your hands up constantly regardless you haven’t anything to say, but do contribute as much as possible.

  1. Making The Professor Know Your Name

Do attempt or engage yourself enough to the point when your professor is giving you your final grade, they don’t need to be confuse to figure out who you are. It will also be easiest to do this when you constantly sit on the same seat.

  1. Sitting In The Front Or The Middle

It’s easy to forget a face which is in the back of the room than to forget a face which one is near in the front. This will also help you to listen carefully the voice of the professor and being able to easily see the board, hence you can easily participate and engage yourself into the discussion. Plus, on a real note, it is a best and easier way to force yourself to pay attention if the professor is literally standing in front of your face.

  1. Asking Intelligent Questions

Try to ask questions that are thoughtful, genuine or haven’t already been answered.

  1. Putting Your Phone Away

Having your phone out whether you’re actually using it or not, can easily be considered as being disrespectful or it can also make it seem like you really don’t care about the class and are not paying attention.

If you are waiting for an important call, let your professor know beforehand so they know you’re not just being rude.

  1. Keeping Track Of All Deadlines And Due Dates.

The major factor that is responsible for earning a bad grade is by missing deadlines or forgetting to turn projects in. Add Reminder, Google Calendar notes or even a physical notes in your daily planner sheet, so that you can avoid remembering the deadline the night before the assignment due.

  1. Take Notes In Classes With Pen On Notebook.

For many classes it’s a great way to force yourself to focus more and pay more attention, but this isn’t always the best method for all classes. Only record important information, use clear headers to organize information and use pictures/diagrams to demonstrate. Highlight or underline key points in your material.



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